About Us

Well, we are both wives, Mummy’s, Daughters, God-Mothers and friends ( to each other). To add to the list, we are both now business ladies. Co-founders and CEO’s of Mini Motto Clothing. They say friends and business partners don’t mix. Perhaps this is the first bit of advice we have both ignored. Watch this space!

We both had one thing in common from the very start – we wanted something we could drive, call our own and would make us proud to put 100% effort into. Not that our other titles don’t give us that but anyway…..

We met through our oldest children when they were both ‘newbies’ at the school we had chosen. From day one we laughed, and we haven’t stopped. We clicked straight away and fast forward to a day at Thorpe Park, we brainstormed all the way round and voila, the start of a very exciting, hard-working and challenging venture was created.

They say being in the right place at the right time is important. It was for us.

We are determined, young(ish) ladies who are passionate about what we do, open to criticism and not afraid of hard work and long nights! Most importantly? We are still laughing. Well we’ve proved them all wrong so far…..

At the heart of MMC

The values at the heart of our range were clear to both of us from the start:

Ethical Trading – we work with family run factories in China and Korea who are just as committed to ethical trading as we are.

On trend and high quality designs – sometimes the buyer is not always the one who is going to wear the item they are buying which is where we come in. On trend, fun and credible designs mixed with quality materials like velvet sewn into the hoodies, is always a winning combination.

Affordable prices – on-trend and quality does not have to mean lots of money. We are Mums too so we understand there is not a money tree at the end of the garden.

Customer service – we are all humans and being nice, helpful and understanding does not cost anything.

Our Mottos

We both have a lot of time for building self-esteem in children. Once their confidence has been knocked, whether it is in the playground, in the classroom, on the football pitch or at home, it will take a tremendous amount of time and energy to build it up again. This is where our Motto’s come in. Just a few positive words can mean so much, which is why with every order we have attached some of ours. If it puts just a smirk on someone’s face that’s good enough for us.

This is also why we are committed to giving to charities that focus on children. In our first season of trading we have decided to give a donation to Young Minds charity, who are leading the fight for a future where all young minds are supported and empowered whatever the challenge.

Our personal motto? It is simply this – ‘laughter is a language understood by everyone’. Laughter brought us together, created our bond and started our business. Plus, who doesn’t like a good old belly laugh??